I think its better that they get used. On the subject of television, you, the Heartbreakers, and MTV kind of grew up together, and your early videos are just chock full of the guitars that fans came to know pretty well through the years. I try not to (chuckles) because thatll wear you out. It looked good and I liked the way it felt and I didnt have a white one.. Talk about your red Rick 660/12, the guitar thats very closely associated with you and is pictured on Damn the Torpedoes. We think somebody wanted it to look like John Lennons, so they had somebody carve that top horn. And then, you know, I learned stuff off records, slowing them down to try to hear the guitar parts and stuff. It was a wonderful time, and that was a very good band. Ive only bought things that I actually play. As long as weve been doing this, we still draw from the same places and people who inspired us when we were young. So sometimes you pick one up and it feels friendly, and sometimes it doesnt. I think Blair is probably is more locked with the drummer, where Howie played more like a guitar player. Were you paying attention to guitar tones, or more focused on sounding good as a group? So when youre exposed to that, you walk away with a much broader perspective than you had going in. Mike Campbell features on the latest episode of Gibson TVs The Collection in an episode that once more it proves that it has got to be one of the best things about being a career pro musician with decades under your belt is the guitars you collect along the way. He's had it for years and years and years, but he's just really fell in love with it for this tour. Yeah. Many of your videos are today considered groundbreaking, in retrospect. Its a more deliberate way of working, I sort of know exactly what I want to do. The sunburst 64 Strat youre touring with now and have played for years, is that Mikes guitar? My dad was in the Air Force, and he was leaning on me to sign up so I could make some choices of where I might be deployed. Well, I was very excited about it. Or why not treat yourself? There was a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of laughs. Though open to music of all kinds, his greatest love has always been indie, and everything that falls under its massive umbrella. Look around you. And I pulled it out for this tour and said to Tom, Why dont you try this? And he said, Theres the sound. All the other guitars theyre all good, but that guitar just has that tone. Sporting just one pickup and a pair of control knobs, it's the guitar Campbell used for his solo on Petty's classic 1989 tune, Runnin Down a Dream. Its the one Ive used the most, and I bought it because Roger McGuinn played one. Although Campbell wrote and recorded with Tom Petty for over 40 yearsthrough Petty . Damn The Torpedoes was kind of a breakthrough record. We just discovered things as we went along. Hes been a co-producer on some of the most successful albums in rock history. It depends on what I need. With more than 80 million albums sold worldwide, and countless anthems from Refugee to American Girl and Free Fallin to Mary Janes Last Dance under their belts, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Famers are in the DNA of an audience that encompasses all ages and walks of life. My mom went to a pawn shop and got me a Harmony acoustic. And because it was a friendly situation, it didnt feel intimidating at all? Once I get in the studio and get working on something, I get inspired and can do all kinds of things, but it usually has to wrap up in a nationwide tour, which is a whole other mindset. Its a big chunk of work. Its a lot to live up to. Mike was pretty happy with the dot-neck Gibson ES-335 he picked up, Yeah, I have one, too I think I have the only black one ever made. What do you remember about opening it up on that Christmas Day? We took it to Rickenbacker, and they called it a mystery. They didnt know what it was. I dont think you need more than one. My approach to guitar, I think, is probably a lot like his in terms of fitting into the song and not overplaying. 65, or 66. Mike Campbell Reflects on His Long Career as the Rock Guitarist's Guitarist By Joe Bosso published April 23, 2020 From his 40+ years as Tom Petty's right-hand man to his current roles in Fleetwood Mac and his own group, The Dirty Knobs, Campbell looks back on an incredible career (Image credit: Kevin Scanlon) Absolutely. Those are the things that come to mind. Hes been writing and editing stories about new gear, technique and guitar-driven music both old and new since 2014, and has also written extensively on the same topics for Guitar Player (opens in new tab). He plays it pretty much in the set. And speaking of reverence, one listen to Petty and Campbell as they discuss vintage guitars and amps, and its obvious these are two guys who make no bones about what has inspired them. Mike Campbell is a long time Duesenberg artist and this Starplayer was put into production to celebrate their long standing friendship. The first nice guitar I got was a Gibson Firebird at a pawn shop when we were on tour in Alabama, says Campbell of his earliest days as a professional musician. He uses Jazz III nylon picks, 10s during the week, 9s at the weekend, and shamefully still struggles with rhythm figure one of Van Halens Panama. Or do you just typically react to the emotions and events of a given day? The Hfner Club, which I think weve used for everything for the last 10 years now. I thought that it was just the way guitars were. Yeah, well is was back in days of the Vietnam draft, and I had drawn a really low number, so I knew I was going to be called if I dropped out. I hate to part with a lot of these [guitars], but something's got to go.. Featuring a Laminated Flame Maple back and sides with a Laminate Spruce top, this semi hollow design with sustain block allows for a stable, rich, resonant and dynamic tone. Here's another thing about Mike: if you clean the necks you're fired, haha, especially on a maple! this is what he uses for 'Running Down a Dream.'" I used a Telecaster and my Vox teardrop. And no episode of The Collection would be complete without the obligatory 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard the Holy Grail guitar. What are the differences between making a solo album and a Heartbreakers album? $24.99. Yeah, absolutely Carl Wilson was absolutely an influence. Yeah, its about time, you know? 1) The very first, or intro, tone sounds like a bridge single coil or Gretsch-type pickup into a small Fender amp. He is quoted as saying "I have a Fender Telecaster I call Red Dog. This is for 'You Wreck Me,' which is tuned up to F, half step up," explains Mike Campbell's guitar tech about the Fender American Vintage '59 Stratocaster Electric Guitar in Sherwood Green. Through that experience, I got some records and really got interested in 50s rock. In the Refugee video, you play a red Tele with a humbucker? So I suggested to the drummer from my band, Go try out. And he brought them over to our house and it turned out they had lost their guitar player, so he said, Theres a guy here who plays. So I sat in, and we both joined Mudcrutch that same day. Australian Musician's Greg Phillips had the pleasure of. Mike has been using a small collection of amps with his rig for a while. Mick liked one of them, but he never did work on it. "The Garden has always been one of my favourite places. Did that stem from the fact that you wrote with an acoustic? Theyre not noticeably different. It saw plenty action, too, before meeting an untimely end. The faceplate has a good amount of scratches on i " '67, 375. So in my spare time, I would just try to invent them. Or are you more likely to buy something because you need a certain sound for a certain song. This is the bypass switch for the Whammy. It has two Gibson humbucking pickups and a normal Telecaster pickup in the bridge.". Wed never played Fenway and that was epic. No, were not good trackers (laughs)! I was walking around in Hartford, Connecticut and saw they had an SG Junior and the Gretsch Clipper. Pay me back later. So I was lucky to get that guitar I didnt pay her back for like five years. You pushed it and it just got this great overdrive buzz. And maybe I learned a couple of other Dylan songs. Hes an amazing, talented fellow, and I probably learned something from everybody there, just because everybody has a different method and way of working. In this photo, Campbell is seen playing the mapleglo Rickenbacker 330. Id really like to find one of those. With Rick, we wanted to go back to setting up the band live. Mike Campbell launched The Dirty Knobs after coming to terms with his increasingly prolific creative output. Paul Gray - Slipknot. His favourite 12-string at the moment is also, of course, a Rickenbacker. And all of those Beatles records always have beautiful solos, with good tone and not much noodling; every note serves a purpose to the song, not to the players. Those days are kind of gone now, but still, collecting guitars is about loving the sound and liking instruments, you know? Guitarist plays $40 Harley Benton on arena tour, Marshall pedal reissues finally confirmed. Kept in immaculate condition, the guitar was used by Campbell to write the riff for Tom Petty's Good Enough. BA1 1UA. That one is actually owned by Mike. We were band members again. Usually, but not on Highway Companion; Jeff Lynne played bass on this one. Youve said that it was kind of cool for you personally because it didnt carry the pressure of being the front man, so you got to sit back and play. Yeah, the Red Dog. We bought that in Florida from an old guitar student of mine. By the end, I think he was overrun! This is called Little Ricky. Your parents bought your first guitar, a Stella acoustic. And youve since obtained every last one of them? I also bought an early-60s Les Paul Custom in white. It's not just electrics on tap, though. Here he's playing a late-'60s Dan Armstrong lucite model. Starting with guys who are alive; J.J. Cale has always been an inspiration to me. My guitar tech has been bugging me to go and actually take pictures of them and make a computer file. In Mudcrutch, you were the bass player. Why is he selling them? But that broke up, and then I saw an ad that said Mudcrutch was looking for a drummer. Blair has a different kind of tone very clear. I think its the last one for a while, simply because theres a lot of recording projects I want to finish, and they dont get finished when we put half of each year into touring. But I havent been able to find one. I did buy a few guitars while I was [on the first leg of the Highway Companion tour]. All rights reserved. Well, I liked the first album a lot because that was sort of us discovering what we were gonna be. Keith Richards, thats my hero. During the middle years of the band, that was pretty much all we u "'64-'65 SG. Advertisement. Here are some highlights. If there was three of us playing, one of us might play that. Im very much in love with the early-60s Fenders. There are some very desirable amps going on sale, including the very first amp Campbell got a Heathkit TA-16. The songs mostly came from acoustic rhythm standpoint. That was a nice feeling, like nobody was carrying the whole load. And Ive always bought one whenever I had the money. "Occasionally, I hear something that I think I can add to, but for me to bring that artist out the way I think will do them justice is going to take some time out of my life and my career. I could make it work. I'm currently building a Mike Campbell inspired . Campbell should be proud. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Actually, I did form a band before that a three-piece sort of blues-jam band. So our music is really based on that rhythm guitar, and everything else grows from there. In the Wilburys, you were with Harrison and Dylan. In this 1985 live footage, Mike Campbell plays a red Fender Telecaster with Gibson Humbuckers and a Bigsby vibrato. Its a six-string. I actually auditioned for Tom on that thing. And which electrics can we hear on the album? So weve got to have a Gibson on this one. It spawns the hits "I Won't Back Down," "Free Fallin'" and "Runnin' Down A Dream" and remains in the Top 10 for 34 weeks. Campbell relies on a rare Dunlop Camel Toe for his distortion, a Line 6 DL-4, the Green Meanie switch (which brings his Fender Excelsior amp in and out), a DigiTech Whammy II, Line 6 MM-4, a custom switch for his 1962 reissue Fender reverb tank, a Boss RC-30, and a Boss TU-2 tuner. I want to get back and finish those things. No, we were pals. I used this with The Heartbreakers for a string of dates we did at the Vic in Chicago," Campbell says. From most interviews that I have read, it looks like the Blackface Princeton and Tweed Deluxe do most of the heavy lifting. Tom said, This isnt bad. CAMPBELL! Fellow songwriters from Stevie Nicks to Bob Dylan have waxed fervently on what Petty songs mean to them. He said, No, Ive got it in my trunk and I cant really play it. And of course in the late 80s you were doing the Wilburys with some of your personal rock heroes George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Dylan. But I dont really buy anything unless I think Im going to use it. From the left side we have "Little Ricky," which is a Rickenbacker-style mandolin with a whammy bar. No,I had a three-speed turntable, so I could slow down 45s to 33 r.p.m., and 33s down to 16. So youre talking in terms of length of time youre out, as opposed to the size of the venues? The best places to look for gear usage are typically on the artist's social media, YouTube, To receive email updates when Mike Campbell is seen with new gear. I have decided to sell some of the nicer pieces.. But I really concentrated on being I guess, because Id been a bass player, I wanted to play rhythm in a real solid way. I use the 67 on [So You Want To Be A] Rock N Roll Star. I buy a lot of stuff from him. "[Out of] all these guitars, [the 'Burst] is the only one I put back in the case when I'm done with it.". I bought this Rickenbacker six-string bass from the 60s. Loves the long road and on through the set," says Mike Campbell's guitar tech ab "That's a custom tweed. I studied it quite a bit at slow speed and tried to figure out what he was doing. Tom Petty and Mike Campbell both know what a good guitar sound is, so the guitar sound they end up with is the one they wanted. So we pooled our money and drove to Tulsa on our way to L.A., where we met up with Denny and signed to Shelter. Rockpalast Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Live) 1999, Andrew Hendryx on a 64 Fender Mandocaster, George Bowen Guitar Summit to Benefit ALS Research, Guitarist/Producer Yates McKendree Shines on Wise, Vinnie Moores Pandemic Musical Inspiration, Seymour Duncan Sails Into VG Hall of Fame. In the course of making that record, we realized that we were so green. Itll probably be a long time before I get to do another one. The Beatles were a big deal, and in 1964 everyone wanted a guitar. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Agnesi begins the proceedings by asking Campbell about his 1959 'Burst Les Paul Standard. I just would never part with it.. I think I was 16. He was a huge inspiration to me, and fortunately, I got to be a bit of a friend with him. He came over with Mick it was the first time I met Rick and I gave him a couple of tracks. Its kind of a Butterscotch Tele. I just dont like the way they look never really wanted one. And the top horn looks like somebody cut it it used to be like the 12-string on Torpedoes. It was just perfect. He seems really keen on getting good songs, I said, And, hes got a really cool vibe. So thats how we started working together. Rickenbacker 4003 (love this bass) 8. And the song I gave to Rick and Mick, which was You Wreck Me, was the same one Tom had forgotten about. When I play it on another guitar it sounds okay, but it just doesnt have the same magic". The cool thing about the guitars on that record, the electric guitars anyway, was that some were recorded direct. I like both of those guys a lot. Then I got my draft notice, took the physical, and failed the hearing test. The solo records are more about a collection of songs, not about a band performance. The Collection: Mike Campbell Gibson TV 373K subscribers 519K views 10 months ago #thecollection #gibson #mikecampbell The Dirty Knobs' frontman Mike Campbell's unique approach to. Well you only need one, dont ya (laughs)? What are you waiting for. 103 views, 0 likes, 1 loves, 4 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Peace Lutheran Church: February 5, 2023 - Be Prepared The songs I make in Satyr is extremely influenced by the grooves on this album. That palm wah is really cool, and the fuzztone in them sounds great. Was: $14.99. Well, I dont know its over 100, and theyre all really good ones. A good example is You Got Lucky, which was rather high-concept in an era when artists were largely doing performance videos standing in front the camera, pretending to play or sing along. So I feel pressure to be at my best. 1. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, But it wasnt like Tom had this burning ambition to be the guy. I think it was Denny who said, We should call this Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, because thats what its turning into. It just seemed to evolve. The Official Mike Campbell Reverb Shop Chicago, IL, United States Send Message Preferred Seller Listings 89 Feedback 58 Info & Policies Oops, Something went wrong. Thats my favourite, Campbell admits. Well, like the best of us, Campbell is a long-term sufferer of Gear Acquisition Syndrome, and they're running out of storage at the Heartbreaker Clubhouse. We kind of found our sound, our groove, our direction. They were thinking maybe youd like to play guitar on it. Well, the idea scared the s*** out of me, but I went down to the studio with my little Marshall, set it up, and they put the track on. I kind of keyed on the last big tour thing. ", "Im always proud to play there. Its just like heaven. Well, they all make a different sound, you know? And after the first album, and with Damn The Torpedoes breaking out, you could buy pretty much anything. I met him years later and told him I had that book, and he said, Really? You should pick up a set of Virtuoso Cleaner and Polisher. In your view, what makes a good bass player? In your eyes, whats the difference between a Tom Petty solo record and a Heartbreakers album? They still make them, and theyre really good, actually. Call us at 800-449-9128. Theres a 1956 J-200 acoustic guitar, a Gold Top Les Paul Standard with coverless P-90s. I like to be able to just pull them out and use them on impulse if I need to. If theres something I dont think Id ever use, I usually dont buy it. Pick your selections. In 1970, Campbell was two years out of high school and living in. Just lays around the house all day doin' nothing. Early on, the Heartbreakers were on MTV a lot. 8,062. Mike Campell is the curly-haired guitarist who has been knocking off tasty solos alongside Tom Petty for nearly three decades. How did that happen? Tom Petty and Mike Campbell change guitars like some people change radio stationsafter damned near every song, but they do have certain favorites that they keep returning to: Les Paul Gold Top, Fender Strat, California "This is the input right here. Then, of course, that turned around years later, where the old ones became much more expensive than new ones. But the truth is, ours a working collection. Tom played it on a couple of tours in the 80s, and if you look at it closely, even though its been painted black you can see where it used to be red underneath. 1990: Del Shannon, a close friend of Petty, commits suicide at age of 56. He was a member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and co-wrote many of the band's hits with Petty, including "Refugee", "Here Comes My Girl", "You Got Lucky", and "Runnin' Down a Dream". So I thought, Well, okay. He sat on it, yeah, and broke the neck off in the studio.. They do make some good ones, but this was not a good one. I dont take it on the road anymore. So Ive been really lucky that way. Thats where the 62 Gibson SG Junior and Runnin Down A Dream comes in It also just goes to show that sometimes you can pickup the best guitars in the weirdest places. Wed build tracks up, usually with acoustics, and overdub the other instruments to finish it off. Mike Campbell was best known as Tom Petty 's right-hand man for decades. We were out of control!Over the years, Campbell has picked up a laundry list of dream instruments. A subscription makes a thoughtful gift for both family and friends. Michael Campbell (Guitar/Harsh vocals) Hail the Sun - Wake. Well, it got me interested in the music, but it didnt make me want to play guitar. I just like to step out every decade or so. Once we started making money, we were just buying them left and right. But theyre also both inspiring in their own way. It had a weird kind of Formica finish when I got it, but I put a pale blue finish on it.. If the Heartbreakers are tracking, and all playing at the same time and trying to get a performance on the song a live performance and theres a call for a guitar solo, I like to try to get it within the performance of the band or at least get the essence of it. In your early days, did you buy guitars more out of necessity rather than an Oh, Ive gotta have that! mentality? I prefer to have the Broadcaster out but for whatever reason he'll take it out. How about the difference from a listeners perspective? Thank you for reading 5 articles this month*, US pricing $3.99 per month or $39.00 per year, UK pricing 2.99 per month or 29.00 per year, Europe pricing 3.49 per month or 34.00 per year, *Read 5 free articles per month without a subscription. Yeah, because Id been a bass player before the Heartbreakers, I didnt really have an electric guitar. Jimi Hendrix compared to George Harrison is a way other universe, but still equally inspiring. I need different guitars for different things. Listed for sale on Reverb.com on July 21, 2021. So he got this guitar to me to let Tom check it out and it stayed in a case for two weeks, we were at the Hollywood Bowl, and Nathan came back and said 'Hey, what about that guitar?' There is also a vintage National amp, a Gibson Lab Series L5 combo which was a big favorite of B.B. 9 #5, published March 2008, Mike Campbell states the following: We love them because we love the Beatles and we assumed that they were using AC30s. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Well, I have complete control of a solo album; the democratic process is gone. That's because Dave Gartland, the custom guitar builder also known . Pictured here is a sort of reissue Firebird V. On pgs. Mike from Indianapolis Good interview! The first couple of albums, I had a Broadcaster and Les Paul, and Id gotten a Rickenbacker 660/12 for 120 bucks its the one on the Damn The Torpedoes cover. Its kinda out of control (laughs). Theyve cloned it for me and are going to reissue that soon. "For instance, on I Wont Back Down, I have the Gretsch Clipper tuned to an open tuning that I use for that slide part. Some were iconic, on his wish list from his earliest days playing the guitar. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. "It doesn't have the buckle wear and tear like the other ones do, but I love it anyway," Campbell says. Weve been on the road four years in a row. Mike found it years ago through an ad and bought it for a couple hundred bucks. "Its in your hands. It sounds incredible. BA1 1UA. 5 ways to get more out of your power chords, Matt Bellamy is working on a new Manson Stratocaster-style guitar and hes already played it live with Muse, Watch Marty Friedman perform with Megadeth for the first time in 23 years, Melbourne Guitar Show 2023: Phil Manning on his five favourite guitars. So I have to give Tom credit for talking me down the other path. Holding the groove down and a sense of melody, tone all of those things. Campbell, who died on Tuesday, aged 81, of Alzheimer's disease, was a guitar prodigy at age 10.He spent his childhood on an Arkansas farm with no electricity, where he was the seventh son in a . Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). Yamaha SG1000 13. "Sherwood green Strat. 5. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, when it formed, was essentially the conglomeration of prior groups Mudcrutch (Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench) and Road Turkey (Stan Lynch and Ron Blair). I didnt have an idea of playing until I saw the Beatles, and then I thought, This might be something I can do.. Visit our corporate site (opens in new tab). As a subscriber enjoy big savings off the shop price! Then out of the Whammy and into the tuner," says Mike Campbell's guitar tech when the Digitech Whammy II Guitar Effects Pedal is shown in the rig rundown. says Mike Campbell's guitar tech about the Gibson Firebird Vintage Electric Guitar. As a subscriber enjoy big savings off the shop price! Well a lot. Fenders doing a reissue of that Broadcaster. You look up after 30 years of being on the road, and youve never done anything else. Here are some highlights. It was built by Tony Revell, who used to specialize in Rickenbacker-guitar-looking mandolins. And so yeah, I think the 12-string is always that solidbody Rick. Mike also has another band called The Dirty Knobs, which is his sideband. No matter what you hit, it sounds beautiful.. (Image credit: Richard McCaffrey/ Michael Ochs Archive/ Getty Images), Beatles and Rolling Stones members reportedly collaborating on new album, How to make an ambient pad like Jean-Michel Jarre's Oxygene, Guitarist magazine demos the new PRS model that could set the standard for sub-$1000 electric guitars in 2023, Guitarist upgrades his $569 PRS SE 245 guitar to get it closer to a $5,000 USA Core Tremonti model, Brian Eno kept a backup, backup laptop in a fridge for his Acropolis gig with brother Roger, Timbaland chats to Justin Timberlake about how they produced some of their greatest songs: He started humming and Im like Oh, this is it. And speaking of the Heartbreakers as a band, in the 80s you guys backed Bob Dylan. It was kinda different because its a small room, so we had to play a little quieter. And, like any guitar lover, he remembers it all via the guitars he crossed paths with along the way My dad always used to play Elvis records, Campbell recalls of his first musical inspirations. But looking at it closely, we figured out that it was probably a red guitar thats the same model as the small-body one from the Torpedo cover. everstart 400w power inverter fuse, do all venomous snakes have cat eyes, leeds city council sick pay,